IGW introduces ‘Connect’ – an app that streamlines internal communication

4 May, 2023

The BMT Group, of which IGW is a part, has launched a new intranet platform called 'Connect'. The platform aims to improve the internal communication in and across the different divisions. Prior to this, internal communication was done through traditional channels such as email, screens, and pin boards. This was not efficient, as it didn't allow the company to reach everyone at the same time or in the same format.

To address this challenge, BMT Group collaborated with the application builder Spencer to create the Connect app. The app aims to connect all employees across the globe by allowing teams and individuals to share insights, raise questions, share announcements, and chat with their team or colleagues. The app also serves as the central point for frequently used links and documents, making it easier for employees to access data that is otherwise scattered and hard to find.

A global family

Currently, the whole IGW division is present on the app. This will allow the divisions to share and interact with the whole division. Once every plant in the BMT Group has implemented Connect, employees will be able to learn and interact from and with each other across the whole group. In this way, BMT Group aims to stimulate cross-fertilization.

Streamlined communication

The implementation of Connect is expected to significantly improve IGW's internal communication, enhance collaboration between employees, and raise awareness of the Group’s activities among all employees.

Overall, the Connect app is a promising step towards enhancing internal communication in global companies like IGW, where connecting employees across different locations and divisions can be a challenge. As of today, IGW is committed in adapting to this new way of communicating to reach the full potential of this spectacular intranet.