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Process & product innovation


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Our customers want us to be involved in the early stage of the development of their equipment. Our know-how and capabilities help the customer to design a reliable and cost effective gear perfectly in line with our state-of-the-art and latest manufacturing technologies. Gear strength calculations are made by our experts using KissSoft software. Micro-corrected gear profiles minimize noise, optimize lifetime and guarantee optimal performance of your equipment. We always support and propose improved gear design so that customers can expect the best result.




Heat treatment

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In gear manufacturing, heat treatment is one of the most complex and critical processes. In our chamber and pit furnaces we can provide heat treatment processes for gears up to 2000 mm. We have extensive know-how on distortion control, resulting in cost-efficient gear production. We have much more control over the distortion and deformation of the products and face fewer surprises than companies that have to outsource heat treatment. Our vast expertise in several types of products allows us to use the right treatment for the right product. Thanks to this extensive know-how we are able to shorten the lead times, making gear production more cost-efficient.



Heat treatment

Supply chain

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Our customized global supply chain results in the shortest lead times possible. It also ensures reduced customer inventory and the presence of a local assembly facility near you, allowing you to rely on our dedicated customer service. This glocalized approach guarantees shorter material lead times and reduces environmental impact thanks to shorter transportation distances.