Prismatic Parts

By investing in modern technologies, we can provide machined precision components as well as mechanical assemblies for various sectors within the manufacturing industry. With our robotic deburring cell and our state-of-the-art 5 axis machining centers that are connected with pallet pools, we can shorten time-to-market and increase our flexibility. We are able to produce aluminum components between 1 and 3 meters according to your manufacturing needs.


Leader in the market


We have been a leader in custom contract manufacturing for over 40 years. We provide our clients with cutting-edge mechanical processing services such as high accuracy turning, milling, grinding and assembly. Customers who enjoy these services are diverse, with Semiconductor and Medical Imaging industries being on the list.


We are able to add value to these markets due to a combination of quality workmanship, modern production equipment, a highly trained staff and precision inspection techniques.

Semiconductor Market

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Computer chips are used in the electronic devices we use on a daily basis and will only be used more in the future. From smartphones to computers and gaming consoles, but even electrical cars, 5G, Internet of Things, etc… chips are everywhere. In order to create these complex chips, you need complex machines. In turn, these machines need high-precision manufacturing. That is where IGW comes in! We supply machined aluminum casings for market leader OEM’s in the semiconductor industry.




Medical Imaging

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We provide complex aluminum components for the medical market. More specifically, we supply parts for applications that are used in medical imaging processes. We manufacture complex high quality parts for C-arms. This equipment is used during interventional X-ray surgeries.


We also manufacture complex parts for CT scans. This equipment is crucial to diagnose pathologies and helps guide medical interventions such as surgical planning and medical research.



Medical Imaging

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