IGW welcomes new equipment for prismatic parts!

27 January, 2022

Times remain challenging, but IGW is still thriving! The latest update in the company that can support this claim, is the investment in a brand new MCM machine.


The decision was made after noticing a rising demand for new parts and after evaluating new technological possibilities which make our manufacturing processes faster and more efficient. The investment in this new machine also made it possible to replace an older one of twenty years. Therefore, we are ever so pleased that our new equipment is not only expected to last at least another 20 years, but will also innovate the manufacturing process for prismatic parts.



MCM machine

Big changes for Prismatic Parts


The new MCM machine enable us to expand our production capacity. This is thanks to an innovative robotic deburring cell, which was purchased with the machine, and the state-of-the-art 5 axis machining centers that are connected with pallet pools. This makes us more flexible and enables us to shorten our time to market.



With 2 million euros paid, the investment in this MCM machine is not a small one. But with rising demand for new parts, it has already proven to be a smart one. Currently, IGW is even looking into investing in another two machines for the production of smaller parts.



Currently, the MCM machine is set up for the production of IGW’s prismatic parts. These prismatic parts entail high quality aluminum components between 1 and 3 meters according to the needs of our customers. Examples of products manufactured by IGW are aluminum components for the medical market (such as C-arms) and machined aluminum casings for market leader OEM’s in the semiconductor industry.