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Our wide range of gear solutions comprises spur gears, ring gears and helical gears up to 2000 mm diameter. Our geared shafts can be made up to 2400 mm long. We can manufacture almost any type of gear in the spectrum; from spur to helical and double helical gear, from worm gear to bevel gear, from shaft to ring gear and from split gear to gear segment. The highest strength and accuracy standards (ISO 4 or AGMA 14) are achieved by in-house heat treatment and state-of-the-art gear-grinding technology. For less critical applications, shaving technology is available as well.

We are a reliable partner for customers needing highly engineered and customized gearing in one-off or small series where short time to market and first time right are extremely important. In addition, we also have manufacturing plants specialized in producing gears in medium to large series.

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Our skills are not limited to machining. We are also an ideal partner for simple sub-assemblies or complex gearbox assemblies. Various applications can be made up to a weight of 5 tons and 2000 mm. For certain applications we can also offer assembly services within a cleanroom environment. The broad experience we have in the development of gearboxes for the rail industry gives us a vaste engineering experience to construct more complex or integrated parts. This enables us to reduce the complexity of the supply chain for our customers as they rely on us to provide more integrated parts.




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We have the most advanced and modern machining centres in-house to manufacture all complex parts by 5 axis milling. This machine park runs 24/7, and can even run unmanned. Multi-pallet systems ensure optimal lead time and optimal utilization of the machines. The subsequent assembly of products is possible. This machinery is complemented by state–of-the-art measuring equipment.