IGW team granted Micro Awards organized by the BMT Group!

15 December, 2022

The winners of the first annual Micro Awards are known. The awards are organized by the BMT Group and are meant to thank employees who have established themselves as a real BMT’er by carrying out their daily tasks in a way that perfectly represents the DNA of the BMT Group. Nominees are selected by each BMT plant. The eventual winners are decided by the BMT Group on a corporate level. The decision is based on the motivation for the nomination submitted by the plant.

Awards are granted in the following five categories:

Real doer, Most creative person, Proudly obsessed, Open to everything, Boldly go where no one has gone before.

Discover what the different categories entail on the BMT career page.

Proud of the IGW team

With the Micro Awards, 5 employees can be granted an award in 5 categories. If you keep in mind that only 5 out of in about 5.500 people are granted an award, it’s a big honor to be nominated and/or win an award.

That is why the IGW division is very proud to announce that two IGW team members were awarded a BMT award.

And the winners are…

Rik Van Den Bussche (Belgium) – Boldly go where no one has gone before

Rik is a real pioneer in the IGW Belgium plant. With his expertise and perseverance he accomplished countless achievements that made a big difference in the IGW Belgium plant. From grinding thrust faces on a gear grinding machine to integrating gear chamfering on a milling machine, plane and bore grinding on a 5-axis turning and grinding center, etc. But the most notable accomplishment is the one where Rik really shows how he refuses to give up when things get hard. When the IGW Belgium plant was looking for a new technology to speed up the grinding of nitrided thrust faces, it seemed like nothing would work. When the project was as good as closed, Rik introduced a new idea at the last minute. His proposal eventually resulted in a reduced grinding time of 35%! Therefore, the award in the category ‘boldly go where no one has gone before’ is well deserved. Congratulations!

Ionut Balta (Romania) – Real doer

Ionut started his career at IGW in 2007 as a CNC operator. Quickly, he became an expert of the different processes on the shop floor. So much so that Ionut has taken on several roles in the shop floor over the years: production planner in 2012, shop floor coordinator in 2015 and Operational Manager in 2021. By showing he is flexible, adaptive and is able to take action and make things happen, Ionut has proven himself to be a real doer. For that reason, the award ‘real doer’ fits Ionut the most. Thank you for all your work in the last years, Ionut. Congratulations!