Safety as primary sentiment at IGW

7 December, 2023

Safety is an extremely important value for IGW. In all our plants, we want to ensure the safest environment for our employees. We do this by continuously improving our safety measures as it is an important pillar of IGW’s Continuous Improvement strategy. The sentiment of “safety first” was very noticeable recently at IGW India during ‘Quality week’.

What is quality week?

Quality week is a week-long engaging activity that reflects on our dedication to manufacture the most qualitative products possible. The motto for this year’s quality week: “Think with quality, work with safety”.

This slogan highlights how safety and quality are intertwined. This for several reasons.

  1. Employee well-being
    It goes without saying that we want our team to be safe and work in the best conditions possible. A safe house for the IGW team is the first step in achieving excellence in what we do.
  2. Quality products are essential for customer satisfaction.
    Well-made products ensure a safe use in the final application. IGW aims to achieve and exceed customer satisfaction and that is why quality is key.
  3. Process control
    Quality control measures often involve closely monitoring and controlling manufacturing processes. This not only ensures the quality of the end product but also contributes to the overall safety of the manufacturing environment.
  4. Continuous Improvement
    Both quality and safety management systems emphasize the importance of continuous improvement. Regularly assessing and improving processes can lead to better product quality and enhanced safety measures. Lessons learned from safety incidents can be applied to improve both safety protocols and the quality control processes

Safety is not stiff

The way India tackled quality week proves that topics like quality and safety don’t have to be static. Over the course of several days, multiple activities were organized to incorporate and discuss the themes, such as

  1. Quality trainings where in-house experts tackled various aspects of quality/safety to ensure the team s equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge.
  2. Group Discussions where employees engaged in lively discussions on safety and quality-related topics, sharing their perspectives and experiences.
  3. A Quiz to test employees' knowledge principles and practices.
  4. Skits Bring Quality to Life: At the closing ceremony, employees took to the stage to perform two engaging skits that brought quality and safety to life. The skits highlighted the importance of quality and safety in everyday work processes and customer interactions.

We see that initiatives like the quality week help to incorporate values like excellence and safety into the core of IGW’s business and let them be top of mind at all times. This aligned mindset helps us aim for nothing less than excellence in our daily business. We look forward to the next edition!