Two decades of workplace learning with VTI Bruges

7 February, 2024

IGW Oostkamp stands proudly alongside VTI Bruges in orchestrating nearly two decades of transformative workplace learning experiences. This is a way to ensure students not only get an education, but they are part of a journey that takes them to the heart of niche manufacturing.

2024 marks another milestone in our collaboration, as we extend a warm invitation to students to delve deep into the inner workings of our esteemed company. At IGW, we believe in offering more than just a glimpse into the industry; we provide a gateway to hands-on, real-world learning that ignites passion and curiosity.

Paving the future of niche manufacturing

Our partnership with VTI Bruges sets the stage for an immersive educational adventure over the course of six sessions. It starts by laying a firm foundation, thanks to the brilliant educators at VTI Bruges, paving the way for students to embark on a journey of discovery within the walls of IGW Oostkamp.

In this year's curriculum, the spotlight shines on the intricate world of gears and the artistry of sustainable manufacturing processes. Within our laboratories, students are not mere observers; they are pioneers, exploring the forefront of technological innovation firsthand. From theoretical concepts to practical experimentation, every moment is an opportunity to unlock new dimensions of knowledge and skill.

Teacher H. Vankerschaver echoes the sentiments of excitement and possibility, emphasizing this experience for the students. "At IGW, we offer more than just education; we offer an immersion into the heart and soul of manufacturing excellence. Through workplace learning, students have the chance to bridge the gap between theory and practice, emerging as visionary leaders of tomorrow's industry."

It is collaborations like these that make us excited to see what the future will bring to niche manufacturing companies like IGW.