A summer surprise for Oostkamp

11 August, 2021

We like to show appreciation and recognition to our people. Normally, we’d do that by organising events such as our New Year’s reception or a company party. Of course, in times such as these, we can’t do that because of social distancing measures taken to combat covid-19. However, at IGW we always find a way and this year, at our Oostkamp plant, we’ve done just that.


Because our usual company party could not go ahead, our Belgian colleagues decided to take a leaf out of last year’s book and organise for a food truck to be present and allow our colleagues a small celebration after all. Spread out over four days to avoid too many people in the same place at the same time, our colleagues were able to enjoy a pleasant meal in groups of four and catch up with each other. Naturally, an event such as this is not the same as a big party where everyone is together. That’s why, from next year onwards, we’re looking to organise our New Year’s reception and company party in their regular formats.

The food truck, however, was not the only initiative taken. Indeed, this year we have set up a prediction competition for the Euro 2020, the European football championship. Everyone who wanted to was invited to predict the outcome of all the matches in an online system. The winner, Wim Parmentier, will be enjoying a relaxing trip for two. Congratulations!