Data makes our group go round

14 August, 2020

A while back, we announced the roll-out of a new analytics hub for the entire BMT Group. The aim of this hub is to evolve towards more data-driven decision making and to harmonise the way data is being used within our entire group. In order to stimulate cooperation, conferences are organised twice a year. The second of these conferences was organised at the end of June. In sticking with measures taken because of the coronavirus pandemic, this conference was held via Microsoft Teams and saw 9 speakers share insights with a total of 25 participants.


Important talking points


First, we all confirmed the importance of cooperation. After all, cooperation improves the quality of the data we gather while also allowing us to gain more relevant information from it. The extensive use of Microsoft 365 applications also encourages cooperation among people as well as divisions. Microsoft Teams, for instance, is also used for documentation aside from its more obvious functions.


Next we addressed the set-up of our governance framework. Basically, we assigned specific roles inside each of our divisions. This makes only certain people eligible to maintain a set of entry points, meaning that only those people are able to add content in their respective governed folders. That way, the data remains transparent and uniform. Parallel to this framework a “self-service” system has been implemented. The transparency created by the framework creates more interactivity which in turn ensures that everyone can swiftly find answers to their questions.

The theory put into practice


The application of our analytics hub in real life has seen us increase our efficiency as well as our quality. For instance, BMT Aerospace has initiated a program to improve the production planning. Thanks to a rigorous implementation, they are now able to follow up on plans from a high level down to the smallest detail. This allows them to adjust their processes on a daily basis.


Furthermore, our colleagues at IGW have set up an interactive way of reporting. This allows them to check up on the efficiency of their machines as well as improving small details together with operators on the shop floor. All of this means that our clients can rely on even more efficiently made gears.


A next step in our continuous search for the “next wave of intelligence” will see us bring the system to our shop floors. For this, our Smart Factory initiative will be useful as it already gathers insightful data. The end objectives, then, are improved processes, increased automation and enhanced traceability of parts.

Overall, we can say that we are seeing the benefits of having a universal data analytics hub as it allows everyone in our vast organisation to use the same information for decision making. This in turn makes our analytics foundation stronger while also creating more maturity in our divisions. Throughout the entire process, we are on an upwards journey towards success.

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