Family matters at IGW

20 May, 2020

Happy, committed employees are the keys to success for any business. At IGW, we realise this better than anyone and as a consequence, we do everything to make our people feel at ease. That’s why we take great pride in the fact that many of our employees stay with us for many years. Many among them even stay until their retirement, like Roland and Reinald have done at our plant in Oostkamp for 26 years and 41 years respectively.


A cordial and open atmosphere


Having retired only a short while ago, both Roland and Reinald look back fondly on their time with IGW. For many years, they have worked together, operating lathes. The last few years, they were responsible for dealing with gears up to 6 tonnes. That used to be different as Reinald explains that over the years, he saw the shift towards bigger, more custom-made parts. The challenges that came with this change was met fondly as it helped them to keep sharp.


Apart from a fondness in their work, both Reinald and Roland also recall the open and family-like atmosphere. Roland is only pleased to stress that he never felt like a number, but more like a valued and integral part of our organisation. Over the years, both Roland and Reinald have seen many colleagues become good friends, who were always willing and able to help when necessary. But it’s not just in the workplace where family mattered. As Roland fondly remarks that the management have always been keen for everyone to have a happy and solid home life as well.



Reinald and Roland in the factory

Ensuring the legacy


An important part of Roland and Reinald’s jobs was also to train their younger colleagues. The fact that their experience was held in high regard, both by our management as well as by their younger colleagues, made them very proud. For Roland, the act of helping others was also what spurred him on for these trainings. For Reinald, on the other hand, the training also held a symbolic aspect, as during the last three months he spent with us, he trained his son to operate the exact same machine he had been operating for the last 16 years. At IGW, it truly is in the family.