IGW India and Corporate Social Responsibility

10 March, 2022

By our Corporate Social Responsibility projects, we aim to be socially accountable. Especially in challenging times like the last two years, CSR is a great way of helping IGW’s direct environment and having a positive impact on the people connected to our business.


Covid-19 has thrown many obstacles on the road since the start of the pandemic. This resulted in hardships on our professional, but especially on our personal lives.


IGW India felt this as well. In our quest to take care of our employees to the best of our capabilities, we decided to organize vaccinations in our plants for our employees. This made sure all employees were more protected against the virus. In addition, we made a lot of organizational efforts to make sure our employees were as safe as possible.


From a BMT Group and Division perspective we truly want to express our gratitude and appreciation for all the genuine people oriented efforts done at IGW India to cope with this very difficult situation.

Extra wheels, extra help


In line with this, IGW recently decided to donate an ambulance to a local hospital, the Amrut Hospital Research Center in Pune. Covid-19 still causes overcrowding in hospitals, puts pressure on medical workers and delays medical procedures that otherwise would happen faster. We hope this ambulance helps release some pressure off the shoulders of the hospital staff and fastens aid for people who need it. The ambulance was decorated with garlands as a sign of honor and respect for the tools people need in order to do their job.


Education first


Another good example of a CSR project in which IGW India is involved, is the sponsoring of the construction of a local school in Pune. Since a couple of years ago, IGW has been a regular sponsor of the Dhanore Zilla Parishad School. We support the construction of this school, because we thoroughly believe in the importance of education of young children. By helping the school, we also invest in the future of our employees children. Currently, the construction is still being extended. We are very excited to see the school in all its glory when it’s finished!