IGW welcomes two new additions

21 August, 2020

In order to progress and maintain our position as a leading player, it’s key for us to keep investing in new production means. Indeed, new machines mean that we work with the newest technology and that we’re able to take on any job that our customers demand from us. At our IGW plant in Oostkamp, we are getting ready to put two new machines straight to work.


An increase in capacity


The new machines that have been added so far are a cylindrical grinding machine made by Danobat and a gear grinding machine made by Klingelnberg-Höfler. Both these machines were purchased to increase our production capacity and to take away some of the burden on our older machines. Thanks to the technological improvements in both, we will be able to work even more efficiently, which will only benefit the quality of the gears we deliver even further.


The Danobat installation can handle pieces with a diameter of up to 640 mm, a maximum length of 3.000 mm and a maximum weight of 2.000 kg. The 2 external grinding spindles reduce the number of manipulations needed while the in-process measuring system reduces the need for stops to measure pieces manually. As an added bonus, the measuring system is more intuitive and visually oriented.

Next, the gear grinding machine by Klingelnberg-Höfler is capable of processing workpieces with a diameter of up to 2.000 mm and a maximum weight of 14.000 kg. This installation also contains an integrated measuring system for gear inspection and provides counter support to clamp shafts and pinions more easily. As a welcome added safety feature, the Klingelnberg-Höfler installation also has an automatic extinguishing system. This being a new machine, there is an increased productivity due to a high-power grinding spindle, a high stroke speed of up to 12.000 mm/min and big grinding stones with a maximum diameter of 450 mm.

As you can see, these new machines will make it easier for us to produce larger gears. After all, making those takes more time and requires a larger production capacity. Making larger gears is an activity we have been specialising in extensively lately. Indeed, with the addition of these two installations, we will be able to work even more precise and with an even further increased efficiency.


A new lease of life for the old machines


Naturally, we still have plans with the old machines as well. As a company that cares about durability and a long service life, we obviously want to keep our means of production around for as long as possible. That’s why the old models will be sent to our colleagues in India who will refurbish and update them before shipping them back to our plant in Oostkamp. After all, our colleagues there have extensive experience with machine refurbishments having taken on many projects from our plants worldwide. Once they are back here, they will be supporting our newer installations.


With these two new additions, we are even better prepared to tackle an increasing demand for large gears. After all, growing as a service provider also means that you have to let your production capacity grow. As a stable and future-oriented company, we aim for exactly this kind of sustained and stable growth.