It’s all in the family

29 July, 2021

As you may know, the BMT Group is a family business, and we go to great lengths to keep and nurture that family-like atmosphere. As such, we are pleased to announce that as of 15 July 2021, our Indian colleagues of Involute Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have changed their name to IGW India Technologies Private Limited. Thanks to that change, our Indian plant will officially become a member of our big, global family.


A change at the right time


For many years, IGW and Involute have worked closely together as both had the same CEO and both are active in the same fields (rail and industry). Turning Involute into a full-blown IGW company, then, is a completely logical and natural move. Indeed, it also further clarifies to our customers that they can expect the same top-notch quality and service as they experience in our other plants all over the world.

A very own place in the family tree


10 years ago, Involute became a part of a big, global family with 5500 proud members. Now, having changed our name, we are excited to become an even more close-knitted part of the family as well as a global manufacturing company. However, changing the name does not mean changing the organisation. For many years we have been a greatly valued part of the BMT family and we’ll remain that after the name change. The quality of our gears as well as the atmosphere among our dedicated colleagues will remain the same as it always has been.


For now, all that’s left for us to say is that we are excited and proud to be wearing the historic IGW brand even more prominently. Keep up the good work!