John Deere ‘Hall of Fame & Partner Level’ Award

22 January, 2020

IGW Involute / BMT Drive Solutions wins John Deere ‘Hall of Fame & Partner Level’ Award 5th year in a row


We are proud to have achieved the John Deere ‘Partner Level’ status for the fifth consecutive year. And because we have reached this accomplishment for the fifth time, we are rewarded the prestigious ‘Hall of Fame’ honor as well 
This award and this honor is John Deere’s way of recognizing our dedicated and continuous commitment for the completed year and at the same time a stimulus for our co-workers to maintain this high-class level of effort.


On a yearly basis, John Deere evaluates suppliers according to criteria which include Quality (97/100), Delivery (100/100), Wavelength (98/100), Technical Support (100/100) and Cost (92/100). (between brackets our score for 2019 is mentioned for each domain.)
On this basis, John Deere AG & Turf Division classifies suppliers from Conditional (category 1) up to Partner (category 4). For the fifth year in a row, IGW Involute has maintained its Partner Level status, also being the first supplier in India to win this Hall of Fame award in the Gears & Shafts category from John Deere.


The management of John Deere India complimented IGW Involute as follows: “IGW Involute is one of very few key Business Partners who go above and beyond the performance standards and has a measurable impact on our level of customer satisfaction consistently throughout John Deere fiscal year 2019. Accomplishing such exceptional performance across all five rated categories (…) makes everyone realize high aligned teamwork and collaboration between John Deere & IGW Involute cross-functional team members.”


As BMT Drive Solutions’ reliability for its partners and customers is a key concern, we would like to congratulate all team members from IGW Involute who contribute to this world-class business excellence journey. It must be seen as a true honor.
As John Deere puts it: “We extend our sincere congratulations for assuring consistent and exceptional performance which is vital to add distinctive value to products and services that helps John Deere to remain competitive in the global economy.”
We at BMT Drive Solution cannot emphasize this enough. We greatly believe that our continuous strong performance and the reliability of our products are fundamental for our customers to remain at pole position in their industry.

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