A well-deserved reward for our colleagues

14 September, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has disturbed many people’s plans. Because of social distancing measures, mass events are no longer possible. Nevertheless, we think that our people deserve recognition for continuing their work this year under challenging circumstances. After all, the blue collars have been busy on site, respecting health measures, while the white collars have often worked from home, away from their colleagues. For showing flexibility and maintaining their high standards of work, a heartfelt thank you goes out to every member of our group.


One example of the recognition we like to show our people is the initiative taken in our plant in Oostkamp. Our Belgian colleagues have decided to organise a staff party, with all respect for the current health measures. The staff parties will take place on four different dates in September so as to ensure that not too many people are present at once. The first party was on 9 September, with the other parties taking place in the coming weeks. For each date, 40 people are invited. They will be split into two groups of 20 so as to ensure that social distancing measures can be maintained.


As far as the activities are concerned, a food truck will be present at each time so that our colleagues can enjoy a pleasant meal together while catching up with each other. Normally, everyone is invited to bring their spouse or partner, but under the current circumstances, this will sadly be impossible. However, we do have hope. Indeed, we still have our New Year’s party coming up in January for which we hope restrictions will be more relaxed. Hopefully that will be a perfect time to leave 2020’s troubles behind and enjoy each other’s company in the big family that we are.

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