Optimising through Six Sigma in Romania

2 October, 2020

Our ambition to remain the most reliable partner for our customers means that, among other things, we have to strive to constantly optimise our ways of working to further improve the quality of our gears. Our colleagues of IGW in Romania have decided to do just that. To improve our production processes, they use the well-established Six Sigma approach.


What is it about?


The first session of the Six Sigma course was held back in July. The course consists of 3 modules and will run for about 4 months, meaning that it will end around the end of November. In total, 9 of our Romanian colleagues are enrolled in this course: Natarasu Constantin, Jescu Constantin, Gheorghiu Dan, Axinia Dan, Martiniuc Stefanel, Burlacu Ciprian Marius, Gabrian Cozma, Crivoi Vasile and Iacob Marcel. They work in the Method, Quality, Production and Heat Treatment departments.


The eventual goal is for the participants to obtain the Six Sigma Green Belt certification, which they will when they have completed the project presentation at the end of November. Naturally, when applying Six Sigma, you have to use a certain methodology. For this specific project, our colleagues have chosen the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) methodology.



What will we achieve?


The Six Sigma Green Belt certification is designed to acquire the basic and general theoretical knowledge. Aside from that, our colleagues will also learn about specific competencies related to process management, personal skills and the vision required when using the Six Sigma approach. They will learn valuable insights relating to organising and process optimisation.


In the end, the objective of the Six Sigma Green Belt certification is to further optimise our production processes so that we deliver an ever increasing level of quality. This will allow us to grow further as a company, but also as a team. Investigating and optimising our processes allows us to learn more about our own ways of working and how they can be improved. After all, learning is a lifelong process.