Prismatic parts take the spotlight

14 October, 2020

While gears are at the origin of IGW, we also boast an extensive experience in the manufacturing of prismatic parts. For the last 30 to 40 years, we have been specialising in this domain and our efforts have borne fruit. Indeed, among our customers for prismatic parts are a major supplier of health care technology and a leading player in the area of semi-conductor lithography.


Our contribution to health care equipment


One of our customers is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of health care technology. For them, we produce prismatic parts for scanners used to support medical personnel during interventional x-rays. What sets us apart from competitors is that we can fully deliver the finished part ready to be assembled. We start with castings that arrive for machining in our Oostkamp plant. Here, we cover the full process to convert the casting into a stock item. Once the item has been finished in the paint shop, we ship it to the customer who proceeds to assemble.


Aside from this particular application, we are also working on a qualification to provide parts for CT-scanners. In the face of the current global health crisis, these scanners are used even more extensively than before. It goes without saying that we are proud to be able to contribute to applications that are used in such critical and demanding circumstances.

We help deliver nanometre-perfect technology


Companies operating in the field of semiconductor lithography have to rely on machines of supreme quality with standards that are beyond perfect. Naturally, we are very excited that our prismatic parts department also produces parts for a major world player in this field. More precisely, we deliver one of the frames that are used in the complex and big machines that produce technology for electric appliances all over the world.


Here, too, we take care of the entire supply chain, from rough material to the finished part. We machine the castings, provide the surface treatment, and perform a sub-assembly in a dedicated clean area. After this, the part is ready to be shipped to our customer.


Challenges are overcome through experience


Because our prismatic parts are a lot bigger than our gears, there are also other challenges. From the beginning till the end of the production process, many parameters, such as deformations, can vary making it harder to deliver the right quality consistently. However, thanks to the extensive experience we have built up over the last 35 years, we have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide parts that are meant to function in the most vital and demanding of circumstances.


We feel that we can rightfully be honoured that our prismatic parts are used in crucial applications produced by world leaders in their respective fields. Spurred on by the faith that these customers place in us, we cannot wait to welcome more challenges in the future.